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Local Music Producer

Are You a Local Music Producer Who is Ready For Your Big Breakthrough in the London Music Scene?

Are you a local music producer who is struggling to get your music out in the London music scene? Are you interested in working with a group of people who understands what it takes to make it big? If so, then look no further than Gaki Music. At Gaki Music, they have been helping up and coming rappers and R&B artists get the recognition that they deserve through expert marketing, promotion and rap events in London. Gaki Music is dedicated to creating an environment where passion is expressed and circulated via their artist’s creative process, with Gaki Music as their catalyst. Gaki Music’s vision is to have a world where music is appreciated and expressed with a synergistic partnership between them and their artists. 


One of the artists that they work with, you have probably already heard of - Clo 9. With help from Gaki Music, Clo 9 augmented the London urban music scene alongside the likes of artists such as Skepta, A2, Jorja Smith and IAMDDB. He also plans on bringing influences from stateside artists such as Travis Scott, J Cole and Bryson Tiller during his rap events in London to inspire his audience and so they can  understand, relate and react to his story.


The executives at Gaki Music love discovering great music and it shows in the high-quality workmanship that they put forth for their artists. So if you are a local music producer, London based rap, London R&B artist or just someone who wants to showcase their talent in one of their rap events in London, contact Gaki Music today. Learn more about Gaki Music at

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