3 Things About Social Media Content That Aren't Spoken About But You Need to Know

It's time for you to make...

1) Content alone won't 'save' you

Content is only one tiny piece of the pie, it needs to be coupled with a strong strategy, without that it is essentially just turning your wheels or drifting in the wind.

There needs to be objectives and purpose behind the content, WHY are you using certain content and what do you intend to get from that? Is it awareness, visibility, for the audience to take some form of action? Whether that be to like, comment, follow or share. Or listen, watch or buy one of your products? These are things that need to be considered when tackling content and how to best go about it for you as an individual, band or brand.

2) Quantity, quantity, quantity

It is a MUST that there is a quantity of content, the main way to achieve this is by posting consistently at least for a set period and having a plan of what content you are create/curating and posting.

3) Every platform has it's own language

This is SO important, what works on Instagram may bot work on LinkedIn and vice versa. Every platform has a language and also a different type of audience.

Behaviours on the platform are different and therefore means that the outcome you are looking for may be most likely to be achieved on a certain platform over another platform.

With these things in mind and implemented it can help take your social media results to a whole new level!

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