3 Things To Consider When Picking Your Distributor

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

How To Pick The Best Distributor For You And Your Music


Before even getting started, there won’t be a ‘Yeah pick this one’ at any point in this blog post because as the opening line suggests it goes through HOW to pick not WHAT to pick.


1. Budget

Frequency of releases

Hobby vs Professional pursuit

Long term vs short term

2. How Am I Paid?

To split my earnings or not to split me earnings

Annual charges to keep my songs public? Yay or Nay?


3. Perks

What else is included?

1) Budget

From purely a budget point of view, if you literally have no budget at all perhaps Amuse is a good option



No splits


Limited store deliveries

If you have a bigger budget there are a lot more things you can take into consideration, we will get into that later

Frequency of Release

Now, if you are releasing Music frequently it is perhaps worth considering choosing a Distributor that charges annually rather than per release. On the other hand, if you are only releasing a few songs a year then perhaps considering a distributor that releases Music per release would be an option.

But I would definitely say take more things into consideration when picking a distributor.

Hobby vs Professional

Is this something you intend to make money from, pursuit professionally or you don’t really mind if it makes money or not?

If it is more of a hobby it might be worth considering how much you don’t mind spending without making a profit on, if you don’t really have any major marketing and promotion plans.

On the other hand with pursuing it professionally, it might be worth considering picking the most suitable distributor that can meet your needs now and in the foreseeable future

Which leads to

Long term vs Short term

Are you happy to spend a bit more of set up short term for a better long term outcome?

Are you only going to release Music for the short term?

These considerations should help you make a decision on which Distributor is the best for you

2) How Am I Paid?

Do you mind splitting your earnings with your distributor or would you prefer to keep 100% of what you are due?

This might mean recurring annual fees instead of one off payments for a release, but there are also many other things you could consider in the way of perks and what else the Distributor does for you

This links in with perks but we will get to a bit later.

Where is your distributor based? Are they in the same country as you or a different one?

This may not seem like a major consideration, however it is important because this could impact your payout options and international fees and tax regulations can mean you may get less of a payout than you anticipate, so it is good to get some information in advance and do you research to see what makes the best sense for you.

3) Perks

So what else can your Distributor do? Can they help you on the marketing and promotion side? Do they make it easy for you to manage splits between you your band mates or your team? Do they handle your Publishing as well? Can they help you with your Music Production or even creating you Artwork?

Also, if you would a PDF with a table comparing Distributors, add your subscribe below and send a message saying FREE PDF D.

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