3 Things You Should Spend Money On As A New Music Artist

  1. Your Personal Brand and Image

  2. Your Music Production

  3. Marketing

1) Your Personal Image and Brand

Your image gives your audience a first impression of you as an Artist. You can’t make a first impression twice! There are many inexpensive ways you can bring your Artist brand to life to help you really leave a good impression with potential fans. Put some thought behind it and really look to convey your brand visually as much as you can. This without a doubt will positively impact your Music career over the long term.

2) Music Production

A song can be amazingly composed with beautiful lyrics but if the Music production is poor it will set you back a lot. A mediocre song with a great production, will have way more chance of commercial success than an amazing song with poor production.

Yes, not what you want to hear I know...

In my own personal network I was having a conversation with one of the Music supervisors I am in regular communication with and he said a great song with poor Music production will go nowhere with Sync. All doors will be closed, as it is HUGELY important.

3) Marketing


So you send your time, your energy and your money pouring your heart into a project, into your Music weeks, months even some times years.

You are ready to showcase it to the world, you “know it can really touch a lot of people” you know “This song/EP/Album is the one that will make you blow up” that “You can hear this song in the top 10”

You release it…

The ball of hay rolls by your feet and no one shows up, why is that?



Marketing is essential, there is a saying in the tech world some of you may of heard of ‘Build it and they will come’ Maybe in 1999 but TODAY, it’s more like ‘Build it then market it and they will come’. Usually time, energy and resources are spent disproportionately on Product Development (making the Music) and Marketing and Promotion (Getting the Music heard by more people).

This isn't necessarily an issue in and of itself but if the marketing budget is so insignificant or just completely non-existent, there is not really any chance of getting the awareness out for your Music and Brand and also build enough traction for your Music Artist career.

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