5 Things Music Artists Must Consider When Creating Their Artist Brand

Extracted from The Gaki Music Podcast episode 8.

A list of considerations for Music Artists when it comes to creating their Artist brand as suggested by Effi Summers, Creative Director and Brand Consultant.

1) The Music (where it all starts)

2) Visuals

3) Story

4) Values

5) Communication style

For a full breakdown of how these platforms can help you, check out episode 8 of 'The Gaki Music Podcast' here.

The Gaki Music Podcast episode #8 building an Artist brand ft Effi Summers.

Out now!

Here's Effi's website:

Here's Effi's branding course:

Here's Effi's social handles:

IG | @Effi_Summers

FB | @EffiSummersCreative

Twitter | @EffiSummers

YouTube | Effi Summers

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