SPECIAL: Lingo by Clo 9

Updated: Apr 3

Lingo OUT NOW!

London based Artist, songwriter and producer, Clo 9, releases Lingo; a bouncy yet melodic and chill modern hip-hop track.

In Lingo, Clo 9 reflects on his personal and artistic growth, realising he is no longer a student to the game of life, rather a mentor for whoever chooses to listen.

It’s a heavy take on the realism of what it takes to reach this place, and the sense of bliss when reaching it and is perfect for fans of modern UK rap and Hip-hop.

To listen to more Music from Clo 9 click here.

Facebook: Clo 9

IG: @clowith9

YT: Clo 9

TikTok: @clowitha9

Twitter: @clowitha9

Spotify: Clo 9

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