What is a Playlist Curator?

A playlist curator is someone who puts together playlists, whether that be on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or elsewhere.

Now playlist curator hold quite a bit of weight in the Music industry as a go to player for Music Artists.

There are different types of playlist curators that typically fall into one of these three categories:

1) Editorial

2) Independently

3) Major Label

The first one are in house playlist curators for the platforms they are on, for example: Spotify curated playlists. This is when the platform has an in house team of curators that keep an eye out for Music to add to their editorial playlists. These typically have big followings but can be quite challenging at first for independent Artists to get on who have little or no previous track record.

The second one is when anyone decides to make a playlist. With these ones the following on them vary significantly some may have one or two listeners including the person who made the actual playlist and others may have , hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more listeners. With these playlists they may be a bit easier to get on to compared to editorial playlists but that is not necessarily the case.

The final one is major label curated playlist which, like it says on the tin, are made by major labels. This is typically for the benefit of the Artists on the labels so this serves the companies directly by driving traffic to these playlists to increase the revenue the Artists make, which in turn drives more revenue to the major labels themselves.

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