What is a Record Deal?

A record deal is a legally binding contract between a Record Label and an Artist, which typically grants the Record Label legal ownership of the Master Recordings for a stated period of time, which could be in perpetuity (forever).

Artists are usually given an advance upon signing the deal. Depending on what level the Artist is at in their career they may get a bigger or smaller advance, there are however many variables that effect how much of an advance the Artist receives including whether they are being signed to a Major or Independent Label, the leverage that the Artist has (their current fanbase, following, strength in other fields i.e. an Actor or influencer etc) and many many more.

The is not a hard and fast rule for what makes an Artist 'Record deal ready' but in these times Labels are way more likely to sign an Artist that already has their own track record [no pun intended] or an Artist that has very little track record or development.

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