What is Music Synchronisation?

Music Synchronisation is when audio (Music, soundscape etc) is put to visual (Movie, video games, TV shows, advertisements, trailers etc).

This can be a great thing for Artists at all stages of their career. There are a lot of benefits to securing a Sync deal including the following:

1) Exposure for you and your Music

2) Extra revenue

3) Access to more opportunities

When your Music is used in a Sync deal this potentially exposes you and the piece of Music to thousands or even millions of people who may have not come across it at that time or at all if it wasn't for the Sync placement. This can have a ver positive knock on effect some people may delve deeper and want to get to know more about you and your other songs.

With Sync there are several different incomes that can come from a successful placement: Master royalties, mechanical royalties, performance royalties and a sync fee. The Sync fee goes to the owner(s) of the recording and the owner of the composition itself - so if you own both that means even more for you! Additionally, the ongoing royalties that you will receive dependent on the type of placement that it is can potential be an income for life!

Also, by securing a Sync deal it can put you on the map. It's no secret that the Music industry is full of gate keepers, even today. So having something such as a Sync placement of reasonable size can really get people's attention, not just potential new fans but also industry gatekeepers who can open the door to opportunities for you.

You may be thinking to yourself "That's great but how do I get Sync placements?" Well, a good start is having great Music! However, it will also do you a world of good to network and connect with Music Supervisors. They are key 'gatekeepers' in the Sync world so have them in your network can help you get closer to secure Sync deals. Another thing is having an extensive catalogue, the more Music you have the more likely you are to get a Sync placement.

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