When To Collaborate



Finished, you can stop reading now.

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Let's unpick this answer a bit.

When thinking about collaboration in the context of Music one may think that it is on a song with another Artist.


Yes this is one form of collaboration, but is in no way the only type of collaboration.

As a Music Artist there are many aspects of your career that need to be taken care of including but not limited to the actual Music making which can be broken down even further, writing the lyrics, composing the Music, arrangement etc.

As the Music Artist it is up to you to put things into action and part of that may be through collaborating.

Of course we know that building a team comes into play and that has to happen in the long term regardless, but in the meantime collaborating effectively with others who can cover areas that you are not as good in is definitely something to consider.

Also, in regards to actual Music collaborations this may work more effectively when more scarce. Of course it doesn't need to be scarce if that is part of your strategy. Artists such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj collaborate creatively a lot and it works for them within their plan and strategy as the types of Artists that they are.


These are things worth considering when thinking about collaboration.

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