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Producers in London

Calling All Producers in London of Grime Beats!

Grime beats is a unique sound that has emerged from London and into the mainstream. Originating in the early 90’s, Grime beats has materialized from other styles including hip hop, jungle and garage. It was created by the young people of East London who were influenced by the sounds of hip hop but also loved the hyperactivity of electronic dance music. Without being restricted to one or the other, they were able to create a sound that was fresh and London’s own. There are distinct qualities that make grime beats unique. This includes a tempo of about 140bpm, which can go up to 145bpm but never goes below 130bpm. Grime beats feature grungy basslines, hard-hitting sounds with electronic sounds in some places. There is definitely more to it, but more than anything, grime beats is a sound and culture of its own. 


For all producers in London who are making grime beats, Gaki Music is ready to take your music to the next level. Located in London, Gaki Music is dedicated to creating an environment where passion is expressed and circulated via their artist’s creative process, with Gaki Music as their catalyst. Gaki Music’s vision is to have a world where music is appreciated and expressed with a synergistic partnership between them and their artists. 

There are so many talented producers in London but they lack the knowledge and experience to get the recognition that they deserve. Gaki Music would love to help with their expertise and vast network in the London music scene. There are so many artists who are ready to rap over the best grime beats out there. Do you have one of them? Would you like to get your music out there? If so, contact Gaki Music today. You can also learn more about Gaki Music at

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