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Rappers In London

Clo 9 - Rapper in London Who is Making It Big in the London Urban Music Scene

Since hitting the streets of New York in the 1970’s, hip hop has left its mark on lands all over the world. Much like how hip hop grew to become a phenomenon in the US, kids in London created their own hip hop culture in much the same way New York kids did back in the 1980s. Heavily influenced by their US counterparts, hip hop enthusiasts started making waves throughout London through breakdancing, turntablism, graffiti and through the rappers in London who started depicting life and telling stories in their own voices through lyrics which resonated with the London urban community. Hip hop culture in London is huge and has evolved into many subgenres of hip hop, which has given the beats and rappers in London a distinct sound, and finally giving the London urban music scene the mainstream recognition that it deserves. 


One of the up and coming rappers in London who is making their way through the London urban music scene is Clo 9 of Gaki Music.


Clo 9 grew his interests for rap at an early age. He was hooked by the flow of artists such as Kanye West and Eminem. He also grew up with a versatile music influence from Bob Marley to Ashanti. Driven towards success, he strives to progress as an artist and as an individual.


Clo 9 looks to augment the London urban music scene alongside the likes of artists such as Skepta, A2, Jorja Smith and IAMDDB. He also plans on bringing influences from stateside artists such as Travis Scott, J Cole and Bryson Tiller to inspire his audience and so they can  understand, relate and react to his story. 

If you would like to learn more about Clo 9, you can go to

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